As a language coach, I have been designing live and virtual ESL and Russian language learning experiences for non-native speakers for over 15 years. Performance-focused training takes my clients gently through the continuous practice of implementing real-life tasks in the target language. It always ends up with unique personal, emotional, and professional transformations for both sides. Once built, this relationship with my coachees never ends. With digital technologies providing uncountable opportunities for educators and learners, I constantly engage new tools for online learning and stimulating self-paced continuous progress.

As an Instructional Designer with many years in online teaching, I bring all my passion for continuous learning, creating blending learning materials for executives of global and fast-growing companies. My motto is "Nothing is impossible when you visualize your goals".

What defines my success :

1. Authentic relationship I build with people.

2. Expertise in methodology and learning science.

3. Passion for learning and innovation to improve the quality and access to online education.


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