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Inspiration lies within us and... nature.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

In one of the letters to his beloved brother, Theo, Vincent Van Gogh wrote about daily work:

"Isn't it the emotion, the sincerity of our feeling for nature, that leads us and - if these emotions are sometimes so strong that we work - without feeling that we're working - when sometimes the brushstrokes come in a sequence and in relation one to another like the words in a speech or a letter - then we have to remember that it hasn't always been like that and that in nature there will also be quite a few heavy days without inspiration. So we have to strike while the iron's hot and lay aside the bars we forge."

Even if it's sometimes difficult to find the inner power to work and to create during these times, we have to focus on the most important things in our lives, such as health, family, work, and education. As every day is different, our life will never be the same.

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