Project Description: "Business Communication Skills. Meetings in the US".  A micro-learning course (as a part of a blended learning 12-month TESOL course for an individual client). Ongoing project.

Learning Objective: To create an engaging learning solution to raise awareness about the US business communication styles and enhance English speaking fluency.

Tools Used: Rise 360

Role: Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Highlights: Collaborating with a client to work out the most efficient and comprehensive strategy to develop communicative skills in the contexts of the US culture. 

Project Description: Job aid, infographic

Learning Objective: To raise employees' work efficiency and productivity by raising awareness about work-rest balance and the science of biological rhythms. 

Tools Used: Canva

Role: Instructional Designer

Project Description:  Instructor-led TESOL  training course

Learning Objective: to build competencies for novice TESOL professionals with a focus on practicalities.

Tools Used: Google Drive, Keynote

Role: Developer, Training Methodologist

Client: EGO Translating University

Highlights: My mission as a language educator is to help teachers create a learner-friendly classroom by using the most efficient teaching techniques and engaging, relevant activities.


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