I grew up in a family of educators. I got my  Master’s degree in Linguistics in 1995, and since then most of my life has been involved in designing Business English language skills training, be it curriculum planning, instructor-led training, or 1:1 coaching. 

2013 was my first introduction to online learning through Skype. I created my own curriculum and designed course materials for digital learning for the first time in my life and was utterly excited about that challenging experience.

Through a decade of professional experience as an adult language training educator, I found how different the design thinking process is for online learning. It is not the knowledge of adults learning theories that makes it valuable and efficient, but it is how an instructional designer can jump in the shoes of a learner. 

I love creating blended learning solutions for their interactivity and learners' involvement. I am passionate about finding engaging content and integrating it into relevant practical tasks that require learner’s critical thinking skills, communication with other learners, or with the course instructor. 

Since 2019, I have been a full-time online educator, running several long-term online learning projects for executives in Latin America and Europe.

My way to eLearning has been natural and conscious. I am doing the job I love and that brings value to others' lives.


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